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Kalahari Red Dune Route

Escape the City – Adventure Awaits in the Northern Cape’s Kalahari

Gear up for a summer adventureland in the wild Kalahari of the Northern Cape, where vivid red dunes merge with endless blue skies. Grab the gang and blaze your own trails across oceans of rust-colored sand, seeking thrills beyond the ordinary.

Surf and slide down towering dunes as the blazing sun peeks over the horizon, then cool off at hidden oases dotted amongst the seas of sand. Pack picnics under sprawling camelthorn trees and toast sundowners while the setting sun paints the desert in golden hues.

Journey to the edge of the world at remote settlements and try your hand at dune boarding, horse riding, or rooftop camping under a blanket of shimmering stars. Learn about the ancient San people at Khomani Cultural sites and discover their mastery of the desert.

Track meerkats as they peek and play outside their burrows, then observe majestic eagles scanning the sands from high above. Adventure by day, feast by firelight at night – the Kalahari is a playground for restless spirits seeking wide-open spaces.

Embrace the carefree spirit of summer in a landscape painted in the vivid colors of imagination. The Northern Cape’s wild Kalahari beckons your crew with wonder around every dune. Grab your gang and go where the desert wind calls – a thriving oasis of adventure awaits.